Female warriors

First there is Gina, 5’9” & 161 lbs., a super hot babe with sexy jet black hair and a body that will make you quiver with excitement that was draped in a sheer black dress. Her opponent was Jessica, 5’8” & 143 lbs., a drop dead gorgeous blonde with blue eyes and a figure that is unbelievably hot which she displayed in short blue dress. Because this match was highly anticipated to be close a professional referee was called in to enforce the rules and declare when a submission was obtained. The battle started fiercely with both of these goddesses determined to win.

The action was non-stop as one would be on top and then the other with the referee keeping them within the confines of the ring. Both of these sexy fierce female warriors scored body scissors in the first 20 minutes of battle, but no submissions could be obtained. Around Twenty minutes into match both warriors stripped out of their dresses leaving Gina in an incredibly sexy black thong bikini and Jessica in a blue floral bikini. Slowly Jessica seemed to be getting top control and finally after several intense efforts she secured a pair of lethal body scissors against Gina and earned a submission point. Shortly thereafter Jessica got an unbelievably prolonged chest smother that lasted over 10 minutes. Nobody could believe how long Gina held on, but finally she had to give up another point.

After this hard fought battle some exciting post interviews were conducted by the referee outside of the ring that lets you get some insight into what these warriors were thinking during their battle. Truly any fan who loves to see hard fought girl versus girls matches must add this video to their collection today.

Female Wrestling

In this exciting video, gorgeous blonde Vyolett takes on sexy brunette newcomer Réka. With two girls who are both incredibly hot, we couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen when the action got underway. Vyolett jumped right in and took Réka down, then put her in a painful grapevine. But Réka didn’t just lay down and take it, she came back with a grapevine of her own. Soon these sexy babes are rolling all over one another exchanging painful holds, head scissors, body scissors, grapevines, crosspins, chest sit pins. How do they look? Amazing! Vyolett is a super hot blonde, long legs, shapely body, awesome butt. Réka is a ultra sexy brunette, nice tits, mouth watering butt, great body.

Wrestling match

Two gorgeous European babes in one wrestling match. Now that is a great video! Suzy dominates most of the action as she puts Rita in many painful holds like head and body scissors, chest sit pins, and grapevines. Rita does get in some holds of her own, and these beautiful ladies constantly have their bodies tangled in hold after hold. How do they look? Suzy’s tight athletic body, firm butt and sexy powerful thighs make her a knock out babe. Rita is a sexy red head who has nice long legs, and a sexy tight body.

Wrestling match

This great match has two beautiful ladies from Budapest, Vicky and Noémi. Watching two ladies who are this sexy wrestle is a treat for anyone! Vicky and Noémi go back and forth exchanging many painful holds with their gorgeous bodies pressed tightly together. It is a very good sight to see! There are lots of great views of sexy bodies in scissor holds, grapevines, chest sit pins and cross pins. How do they look? Vicky is a dark haired beauty. Her full breasts and nice firm ass are wonderful. Noémi is a sexy blonde, cute, and nice legs.